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How does it work?

Virtual Tollcard (Tollcard purchased from the website)

Tollcards purchased directly from the website are already active. No further operation is required. After buying the customer can immediately start to use it.

To top-up the tollcards through the internet, go to www.tollcard.pt and pay with a credit card.

Physical Tollcard (Tollcard purchased in post office)

Physical tollcards have a hidden area that must be scratched to see the activation code.

To activate the balance of the tollcard, the customer must send a text message to the number +351 922 29 89 89 with the details of the license plate and the card CODE hidden under the grey area of the card.

E.g.: CTTCD *1111AA* A0OA0AAO0.

The customer will receive a confirmation text message with the balance associated to the given vehicle license plate number.

The customer will receive a text message alert when the balance of the card is insufficient for toll payment.

One can also access www.tollcard.pt to activate the service, by clicking in “activate”.


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