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How does it work?

To activate the balance of the bought card, the customer must send an SMS (1) to the number +351 922 29 89 89 with the details of the license plate and the card CODE hidden under the grey area of the card (e.g.: CTTCD *1111AA* A0OA0AAO0). To see the code card, must scratch the hidden area of the card. The customer will receive an SMS with the confirmation of the balance associated to the given vehicle license plate number.

The customer will receive, at no extra cost, an SMS alert when the balance of the card is insufficient for toll payment.

One can also access www.tollcard.pt to get the balance.

For activating multiple cards for one license plate you can include up to 4 CODEs in the same SMS (i.e: CTTCD *1111AA* CODE_card1 CODE_card2 CODE_card3 CODE_card4).

(1) Cost of an SMS sent to Portugal


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